Treat Your Hair as an Accessory in a Healthy Way

They say,
“Looks don’t matter.”
But when you are born as a girl, looks do matter not only for the people around you, but for yourself too. This is because, to a woman, their appearance is the key to their confidence. No wonder, I have a huge mirror that covers the entire length of the wall in my house. But beside this increasing pollution and extreme weather conditions, a huge part of our natural beauty is being lost. Our ruff is one the most prime victim of this. Moreover, mutatis mutandis in our biological clock and nutritive habits also affect the hair directly. We see our hair, which was once beautiful, giving raise to the atrocities of our regular busy life, loosing its thickness and shine. It’s high time we do something about it.

To catch up with the latest trends also to look good, we torture our hair by applying chemicals et alii else artificial products which take tirelessly the basic essence from our hair. Thus, these are the few tips for damaged hair:

Get your hair trimmed: Our hair involves regular frill to foil split ends because our hair tends to get more damaged towards the tips, due to direct exposure to heat, chlorine etc.
Don’t use heat: Using blow dryers, curlers, or hair straighteners damage your hair permanently. So, discontinuation concerning such heating devices should be avoided.

Stop using hair color or dye: Hair bleaching and dying make our shag extremely damage prone. So, they should be avoided completely.

Hair, once damaged can’t be thoroughly repaired. But there can always afsluiting methods to prevent it from further scathe and revive its look. A few home remedies for damaged hair are thus provided:

Use mayonnaise mixed with olive oil once a week approximately 30 minutes before taking a caldarium as a miracle whip to combat multiple hair issues.

Apply some plain yoghurt for 15 minutes and hold it off for stronger and smoother hair.
Try lemon juice (fresh lemons) mixed with lukewarm water to rinse your ruff and immediately obtention rid of flakes, dandruff and itchiness.

Put coconut milk in a bowl and freeze it until thick. Then coat your hair connective let stand for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. It leaves your hair soft and detangled.
Thus, take care of your hair until it’s too late and they become so weak, that they break off and leave patent patches.

“It’s better late than never.”
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