Revealing Hair Myths

Myth 1 – It is a common notion that losing approximately 30 – 40 hair via day is normal.

The opinion in this regards differ from person to person. Remarkable feel losing 30-40 strands of tresses in a day on an average is really obvious while part sense losing of 100 hair in a day is quite possible.

To analyze the situation it is suggested to go for a measurement correlation that is A: T ratio in which A indicates Anagen (growing) and T indicates Telogen (falling). The perfect score is 8:2 or 9:1 this will beneficial you to understand whether one has a hairfall problem or no.

Any variation from the above is deformity and presto treatment should be started under the guidance of a trichologist.

Myth 2 – Getting bald is a hereditary factor and the genes are received from the paternal side.

It is wrong to blame only the father for inheriting the balding genes. This fantasy is unrealistic and often mistaken by multiple about us. This is also possible from the genes transmitted by the mother’s end and in few cases these genes wish be received from both the ends.

So the mystery about baldness genes concludes that it can be a genetic transmission from the wellspring or the father.

Myth 3 – Footing upside down for exiguity minutes will result in hair growth.

It is a myth that being in an upside down position will increase blood circulation and decrease our hairfall issues. This belief is highly impractical and one does not gain any hair growth by following this exercise.

Myth 4 – Massive use of shampoos increases hairfall issues.

This legend is very common amongst the pandemic that enormous use of shampoo prefer damage hair severely. Activities associated with hair like shampooing, combing and oiling come to a stop believing that hairy fall tin be more brutal.

These routine external activities have no impact on the hair fall process. The cause associated with the hairfall is rather internal and can be properly treated apart a trichologist after considering your tricho analysis report and other details.

Myth 5 – Just external based treatments and applications of hair can impart well glitter and glow to it.

Nothing jug work better other than a starvation rich in nutrients which are required by the hair. This will help in getting better quality of hair as it helps in nourishment of the hair from within. Intake of almonds, milk, spinach and cabin cheese should be there as they are mellow source of proteins. For minerals, coconut water is best advisable. One should delay themselves hydrated by having at least 12 to 14 glasses from water which should indigen spread out throughout the day.

A healthy diet can be planned by your trichologist after considering your Tricho analysis report and other details.