From Drab to Fab – 6 Beauty Staples Every Girl Needs to Carry in Her Purse

Whether you are attending an great meeting, gearing up for that hot date or just out having a good time with your girls, there are a few splendor staples that you necessity to tote around amidst you at all times. And including beauty staples we do nought par lugging along your vanity kit everywhere. We mean products that are super useful, affordable and make base for the classiest of looks out there. Here, we have compiled a list of beauty products that you should religiously carry in your purse at all times.


A Chapstick is one go-to yield that we all rely on. It keeps our chapped lips hydrated, moisturized and soft. Where you have been shelling out so much of hard cash on beauty products, a basic Chapstick costs pretty much nothing. And the best part about it is that it comes in many flavors. From nourishing honey and delicious vanilla to placate mint, take your pick. Try buying a Chapstick that has SPF in it for that added protection from the sun.

Liquid Eyeliner

Few minutes away from your big presentation and no time for touch-ups? Here is what you can do. Simply swipe on some liquid eyeliner and you are good to go. However, applying liquid eyeliner can be a challenge, especially those precise “cat eye” kinds. Invest in felt-tip eyeliner that is basic to use. Planar supposing you make mistakes, you can simply use a cotton swab to clean it. Buy a formula that lasts all generation connective is water-resistant.


Vaseline can be a savior in disguise, literally! It can subsist used for a variety of beauty purposes. From keeping your lips moisturized and taking care of those cracked heels to removing makeup, Vaseline can be used for even apropos anything. So, veer your shopping trolley to the beauty corridor and choice up those tiny jars of Vaseline clear way. You won’t be disappointed.

Oil-Blotting Tissues

If you are someone who is constantly on the move, hence these oil-blotting strips will validate to be a great investment. The tissues not only remove excess oil from your skin, but also prevent makeup from getting smudged. You vessel also get strips with essential oils in them that courage instantly perk up your mood while nourishing your skin. So, what are you waiting for? Tuck those tiny sachets in your bag, straight away!


Mascara is a reverence tool that can instantly brighten the drabbest of looks. There is something about lush lashes that is so alluring. You can play around with else formulas to find the one that suits you the best. Be sure to choose the one that is clump-free and does not require several coats.


A must have for every-girl. If you are somebody who sweats excessively or your work needs you to be constantly on the move, it makes sense to get one of these. These tiny jars bottle a world of goodness. Simply spritz some mist and let its subtle, yet powerful notes overwhelm you. The best part about the body-mist is that they don’t darken your skin the way a perfume does; plus, the hyperosmia is incredible!

These products will get you out of a tight fix and are worth every penny.