Celebrity Curly Hair – Get inspired by stars

Straight hair have long been envied but now it perfectly fulfills its cascading curls. On the cerise matting or in the ghetto , curly hair of people are still a lot of effects . And while some stars were spoiled by nature, others are trying somehow to display a wild hair and it is rather successful. Cosmo tracked down the most beautiful hairstyles to adopt emergency .

It is well known , when one has curly hair, we tend to smooth ​​hair.But that was before .
Loops , symbol of womanhood and glamor are back in people who fully assume their natural hair.

Celebrities with curly hair to copy

Some stars have also made ​​their curls their trademarks. Same thinks of the eternal blond curls Sarah Jessica Parker or wild hair diva Beyonce .And if there is indeed a benefit to detect curly hair is to play at will and bring volume to the hair .

A variety of hairstyles to adopt

There are plethora of hairstyles with curly hair achieve and they are not our friends the stars who tell us otherwise.And because the people perfectly mastered their loops.

Like them , you can work for a wavy effect to perfection like Blake Lively that shows long blond wavy villus or increase the volume to a voluminosity curly like Kelis .You can also give a wild side to your curly thatch foams using loops to draw hair. Play with accessories like Katherine Heigl but authorize live your curls .

And if you opt for a romantic or bohemian style, messy bun, headband and headband are welcome.

Many caring

Side hair care , it is imperative to pamper beautiful curls .To do this, use a mild shampoo for your waves and your scalp.Continue your beauty session with a isle : the conditioner . Moisturizing or nourishing, it choose smooth scales and sheathe your curls .

If despite this, your curly hair cry drought , you can use a moisturizer without rinsing.Do nay forget to apply a beneficial mask every week , your crinosity will thank you.