Beauty Schools of America Attended Walk for Hope

Miami, FL, January 20, 2014 – Beauty Schools of America® (BSA) will be at Divine Hope Restoration Ministries International on January 18th, 2014 for the 4th Annual “Walk for Hope.”

The Walk for Hope is a 1K walk based to supply as an fortuity to provide the insular community with feedback also education on the issues that have historically caused hopelessness. There will be free onsite health screenings, rapid HIV testing, as well as a variety of informational booths designed to raise awareness in the community.

“One of the goals of Beauty Schools of America is to provide opportunities and hope. Many individuals are unhappy with their current careers and actively looking for a change. With BSA, we offer a sort of programs that can take you anywhere in the beauty and spa industry,” stated Jeff Gonzales, Magnum Opus Operating Officer at BSA. “The Walk for Hope is important to us because it builds on those basic values.”

The Health Services Ministry believes that this community event endow serve to restore hope, opportunity, motive et al endurance among those in need. BSA will have 8 students on hand to provide rub services for all of the adults in attendance.

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Press Contact:
Jeff Gonzales
Beauty Schools of America
Miami, FL
+1 3054457171 Ext: 121
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